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Would you like to reserve a spot on a Beer Hop beer tour or place an order online? Do you have a question or a special request? We love to hear from you!

Feel free to drop by our office annex shop at Tiensestraat 5 - we have info, bike rental and a fantastic beer selection.

Opening hours:


- Tuesday to Friday 10 am-6 pm and Saturday 10 am-7 pm
- closed on Mondays, Sundays and public holidays ; although we do organize activities on these days
~ July and August, also open on Sundays 10 am-4 pm

E-mail to and we will be more than happy to answer your inquiry
You can also call us at (+32) (0)16 43 81 44 during opening hours
The fax has been sent to a retirement home, but we still welcome carrier pigeons and smoke signals

Beer Hop is a partner of Leuven Leisure, guiding organization and event agency in Leuven
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What are the general terms and conditions of Beer Hop?

General Terms and Conditions Beer Hop


The agreement between the applicant or customer on the one hand and Beer Hop (hereafter BH) on the other hand, is concluded when the applicant accepts BH’s offer. The applicant indicates by e-mail and or via the reservation form on the website that he wishes to enter into an agreement with BH for the provision of one or more services. BH will provide the applicant with both a confirmation of the reservation and an outline of the program’s details. Once completed, BH and the customer will have an established agreement for the provision of the requested service(s).


For private customers (those applicants who do not need an invoice) all prices include vat.

For business customers (applicants who do want an invoice) all prices are exclusive of vat. Business customers who are from a different country within the European Union do not have to pay Belgian vat for the provision of services in Belgium. Other billing rules may apply to businesses from outside of the EU. Subject to the exceptions provided for by law, Belgian vat must be paid and prices are exclusive of vat.

For the organization of services that are performed by third parties, suppliers, or subcontractors (for example, a restaurant visit, hotel stay, transport, meeting venue, etc.), BH will charge private customers 1 euro p.p./ requested service as an administrative cost. LL applies the hourly rate of 65 euros/h for business customers for relevant administrative services.


BH asks private customers to pay the full price before the delivery of the agreed service(s) by bank transfer to BH’s bank account. BH may grant exceptions whereby the applicant can pay, for example, in the BH office or to an BH employee on the day of the requested service(s).

Business customers receive an invoice for the provision of the requested service(s) and must transfer the invoice amount to BH's bank account.

For the organization of services that BH does not perform on its own, but through third parties, suppliers, or subcontractors (for example, a restaurant visit, hotel stay, transport, meeting room, etc.), BH requests an advance payment by transfer to its bank account upon entering an agreement. BH will subsequently deduct the amount paid from the final bill or from the invoice.

In the event of incomplete payment or non-payment of the cost of the service(s) (individuals) or the invoice amount (business customers) by the expiry of the legal payment term, BH reserves the right, without notice, to charge a default interest rate of 10% on the amount, with a minimum of 75 euros. BH also reserves the right to pass on to any customer in default the full value of any additional costs (such as administrative work, legal advice, etc.) it incurs for payment incentives. For disputes that cannot be mutually resolved, BH stipulates that Leuven’s courts shall be the only body authorized to handle them.


Any change to the initial agreement in regard to the program and or number of participants may entail a cost.

Subject to exceptions as permitted by BH, the applicant must inform BH at least one week previous to the delivery of the agreed upon service(s) of the exact final number of participants.

Any change to the number of participants less than one week prior to the delivery of the requested service(s) may incur a cost. In all cases, the client must notify BH of any change regarding the number of participants by e-mail before the start of the service(s). During the period of service(s), BH's guides, staff, and third-party representatives, suppliers, or subcontractors will not record any changes to the number of participants. BH reserves the right to charge the applicant in full according to the agreed upon services, as well as for the number of participants indicated one week before the start of the delivery of the services – even if the applicant subsequently wants to reduce the number of participants and thus costs.

The applicant is responsible for timely (at least one week before the start of the service or services), correct, and complete transmission of his or her own information regarding the agreement. BH fully adjusts its operation and organization of events and services to best reflect the information it obtains from the applicant at least one week before providing the service(s).


If the applicant cancels an established agreement – in whole or in part – BH can charge financial compensation for administrative and or other work that it has already performed. In order to cancel an agreement – in whole or in part –  free of charge (i.e. subject to cost paid by BH to third party, supplier, or subcontractor), the applicant needs to contact BH at least three weeks before the start of the service(s). In the event of cancellation less than three weeks before the service(s), BH reserves the right to charge clients as follows:

less than 72 hours in advance: 100% of the cost
3-7 days in advance: 75% of the cost with a minimum of 120 euro
1-2 weeks in advance: 30% of the cost with a minimum of 120 euro
2-3 weeks in advance: 120 euro

Leuven’s courts will be responsible for hearing any and all potential financial disputes that cannot be resolved through mutual agreement.

BH reserves the right to apply the aforementioned conditions as it deems necessary: in principle, clients do not maintain the right to unilaterally terminate the provision of one or more of the agreed upon services as specified in the agreement or claim exemption from the above conditions and resulting compensation. Any dispute which cannot be resolved through mutual agreement must be handled by Leuven’s courts only.

The client, for example, cannot use the fear of unfavorable weather conditions as a last-minute reason to unilaterally terminate the agreement or part of the agreement. It is the responsibility of the applicant to follow the weather forecast and, if desired, to contact BH at least 48 hours in advance for a consultation regarding any possible alternatives for the implementation of a previously agreed-upon service or activity. BH employees will make every effort to propose one or more alternative activities. If the applicant does not agree with BH's proposal or proposals, BH will still provide the initial agreed-upon activity for the applicant. In both cases (when accepting or rejecting the alternative), the applicant is still responsible for the full cost of the service(s) as stipulated in the agreement. Leuven’s courts will handle any and all disputes that arise and cannot be resolved through mutual agreement.

The applicant maintains the right to work out an alternative bad weather program in advance (ideally at least three weeks before the delivery of the service) in consultation with BH. It is the applicant’s responsibility to monitor the weather forecast and to notify BH at least 48 hours in advance if it wishes to replace the initial program with a jointly-developed alternative bad weather program to be carried out. BH and the client will agree upon a cost for the alternative program in advance of the activity.

The applicant is always able, for whatever reason, to ask BH to postpone the delivery of a planned service or activity. BH reserves the right to accept or reject the requested change of date. Any changes to the date of a service may incur a cost. BH will not refund any advances and amounts already paid.


If the applicant does not respect the agreed-upon starting time for the service or activity, BH reserves the right to charge the client for the activity’s entire cost, including for any part that might have been missed. In the event of a delay of 45 minutes or more, BH reserves the right to cancel the activity entirely and charge the client for the entire cost of the activity.

BH reserves the right to refuse service to participants who are intoxicated with alcohol and or any other narcotic substance and who, in the opinion of the guide or associate of BH, cannot properly behave within the group. BH will still charge the client for the entire cost of the activity.

BH reserves the right to cancel the delivery of an agreed-upon service or to change the content if there are good reasons for doing so (for example, weather conditions, strikes, breaches of contract by third parties, suppliers, or subcontractors, etc.). BH bases every decision that it makes in regard to alternative activities on providing the client an excellent service. The applicant or participant cannot hold BH liable for unforeseen changes or claim damages. BH will charge the entire cost of the activity. If BH makes an unforeseen program change to an activity, the involved guide, supervisor, or employee of BH will explain the situation to the client and, in consultation, determine an alternative plan.


BH’s insurance policy covers its activities in regard to its civil liability towards participants and third parties. BH‘s insurance does not cover against accidents involving participants and third parties. It is your own family or company insurance (or other form of self-insurance) that protects participants and third parties in case of accidents. BH cannot be held responsible in case of accident. The applicant does have the option of taking out additional accident insurance during the course of a BH activity.

The customer unconditionally releases BH from all claims, actions, damages, liability, loss, costs, and expenses for the injury, death, loss, or damage of property that may arise either during a BH activity, or from products that clients purchase from BH.


BH's programs are meticulously prepared. Our supervisors and guides are specialists in their fields and reliable experts in our activities. We expect every applicant or participant to comply with the guidelines established by BH's supervisors, guides, and staff at all times. Failure to comply with any agreements and or guidelines may cause a supervisor, guide, or BH employee to exclude one or more clients without those in question being entitled to claim compensation. BH will still charge the entire cost of the activity. BH will hold any clients responsible for damage or injuries caused by non-compliance to the rules, agreements, and or guidelines established by BH's supervisors, guides or employees.

BH's programs are designed for a standard level of physical fitness. By booking (establishing the contract for the provision of services), the applicant declares to have taken note of the nature and content of the activity, as communicated on the website. Some activities are more physically intensive than others (such as a bicycle tour). It is the applicant's responsibility to verify that all participants possess an appropriate level of physical fitness and the necessary capabilities for the chosen activity. By agreeing to an activity, the applicant and or participants declare themselves to be in a proper physical state to complete the activity. The applicant and or participants accept all risks associated with taking part in an activity or enjoying a service: these include all known and unknown risks. The applicant and or participants accept personal responsibility for any form of liability, injury, loss, or damage related in any way to participation in the activity.


BH reserves the right to charge damage to or losses of company material to the user, tenant, or participant. In all circumstances, other than those in which one can prove an BH supervisor, guide, or employee as responsible for the loss of or damage to BH material, the client maintains responsibility and shall reimburse the costs.


BH wants to provide you with a wonderful and memorable experience. Despite all our efforts, it is still possible that you, as the applicant or participant, believe you have a justified complaint. Ideally, the client will bring the complaint or comment to the attention of the BH supervisor, guide, or employee during the activity or performance of the service, so that he or she may be able to provide an immediate solution. If this does not happen, or the complaint cannot be resolved satisfactorily, BH would like to receive the complaint by e-mail within 48 hours so that our quality control manager Sebastiaan Cloet can contact you to resolve the complaint together. Leuven’s courts are authorized to handle all complaints and disputes that cannot be resolved through mutual agreement.

What beers and glasses does the Beer Hop Beer Shop have in stock?

Stock / Price list

- the following local Leuven, regional and further Belgian beers are currently in stock, with our collection of glasses and foreign beers appearing at the end of the list
- listed alphabetically by brewery, all beers come in 33 cl bottles unless stated otherwise
- order via,we ask for payment via bank transfer

Pick-up info:
- During our opening hours
Delivery info:
- Within the ring road of Leuven (and just outside it) we deliver with our cargo bike, 5 euro
- In the boroughs or outside the municipality of Leuven, we deliver with our minibus at 0,75 euro/km with a minimum of 10 euro


AB InBev
Stella Artois 25 cl € 1

Blond   75cl.   €9.00

Sigma Imperial Oud Bruin € 3,50

Albino Imperial Milk White Stout € 5,50
Avalanche Red IPA € 3,50
Breu Dry Stout € 3,50
Clémentine Blanche € 3,50
Kofi Indonesian Coffee Sweet Stout € 5,00
Maracu'jaya Brazilian Fruits Sour Ale € 4,50
Onyx Imperial Stout € 5,00
Onyx Amburana Belgian Imperial Stout Amburana wood barrel aged € 6,00
PAM! Pale Ale Marchoise € 3,20
The One Saison € 3,50

Beer Hop - Leuven Leisure
Koeieschieter Citrus Blond 75 cl € 10,00

Belgian Double IPA € 3,50
Belgian Haze IPA € 3,50
Slow Brewed Citrus Hopped Golden Ale € 3

Broeder Jacob
Double Port € 2,80
Kotmadam € 3,00
Vlierbeek Grand Cru € 3,50

Brussels Beer Project
Delta IPA € 3,00
Entre Amigos € 8,00
Grosse Bertha € 2,80
Jungle Joy € 4,00  
Pico Nova 33 cl blik € 3,50
Watermelon IPA € 5,50
Wilder Child € 7,50

Mariage Parfait Oude Geuze 37,50 cl € 4
Mariage Parfait Oude Kriek 37,50 cl € 5,50
Oude Geuze 37,50 cl € 3,50

Peeterman € 2,50
Adrianus  € 2,50

Brabantse Dubbel   €3.20
Brabantse Tripel     €3.50

Oude Geuze 37,50 cl € 7

Chimay Blauw € 2,50
Chimay Wit € 2,50

Gouden € 2,20
Tripel Donker € 3,50

De Cam
Wilde Bosbessen € 22,00

De Kroon
Delvaux € 3,50
Super Kroon € 2,50

De La Senne
Zenne Pils € 3,20

De Struise Brouwers
Aestatis Reserva € 5,50
Clash Of The Titans Reserva € 6
Pannepot Vintage € 4,00
Pannepot Reserva Bourbon BA € 4.50
Rio Reserva € 5,50

De Vaart
Luvanium Blond € 3,00
Luvanium Blond 75 cl € 8,00
Luvanium Dark Side € 3.50
Luvanium Hopschieter € 3,50
Luvanium Reuzebier € 3,20
Luvanium Tripel € 3,00
Luvanium Tripel 75 cl € 8,50
Luvanium Wintertijd € 3,00
Luvanium Wintertijd Genever-Infused € 4,00

De Vlier (alles 75 cl)
Amber € 8,50
Bad Romance € 12,00
Blond € 8,00
Brut Champagne-style beer € 10,00
Brut Magnum 1,5 l € 20,00
Carroussel € 10,00
Dreke € 10,00
Ferme Framboos Champagne-style beer € 12,00
Gulden Delle Demi-Sec Champagne-style beer € 11,00
Rose Champagne-style beer €12.00
Smoked IPA € 12,00
Smokin’ Elder € 10,00
White € 8,00
Winterstout € 10,00
X-Mas Spicy € 10,00

Drie Fonteinen
Oude Geuze 37,50 cl € 8,00
Oude Kriek 37,50 cl € 10,00

Avec Les Bons Voeux (75 cl.) € 8,00

Du Renard
La Blondasse € 2

El Dorado Triple IPA € 3,50
Hopnytized New England IPA € 3,50

Egotripel blond € 3,00

Oude Geuze 37,50 cl € 5,50
Oude Kriek 37,50 cl € 6,50

Het Anker
Gouden Carolus Classic € 2,50
Gouden Carolus Tripel € 2,50
Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused € 3,50
Gouden Carolus Whisky Infused 75 cl € 10

Hof ten Dormaal
​​​​​​Bramen € 4,50
Brussel 75 cl € 10,00
Cider 50 cl € 7
Dad's Tea € 3,00
Frambuesa y Chocolate € 4,00
Golden Delicious 50 cl € 7
Kriek € 4,50
Kriek Whiskey Barrel aged 50 cl € 9
Lauwendries Saison € 3,00
Lente Lambiek € 20,00
Perzikken € 4,50
Priumen € 4,50
Strong Blond BA in Filliers Whisky Barrels 75 cl € 13,50
Strong Dark BA in Filliers Gin Barrels 75 cl € 13,50
Tripel  € 3,50
Troebel in Paradise € 3,50
Witgoud € 3,50
Zeebezen € 4,50
Zure Van Tildonk € 3,50

Averbode Tripel € 2,40

La Source
La Source
Anguille V.3 € 5,00
Campagnol  Ariana Pils  €4.50
Element 003 € 5,50
Element  Pils  €5.00
Hulotte € 6,00
La Meute € 4,50
Murin € 5,50
Oliphant € 7,00
Primitive 025 Cream Ale € 5,00
Primitive 026 Fruited Sour € 8,00 
Primitive 027 Fruited Brett Sour € 8,00
Sauternelle Cucumber Gruit € 7,50

Goudenband € 2,80

Cuvée René Oude Geuze 2018 37,50 cl € 3,50
Cuvée René Oude Geuze 2018 75 cl € 7,50
Cuvée René Oude Kriek 2017 75 cl € 9,00
Gingergeuze 75 cl € 17  
Spontanbasil 75 cl € 18

Mak Tripel € 3,00

Moriau Oude Geuze 37,50 cl € 4,00

Duvel 75 cl € 8,00

Natte Lore
Natte Lore Hors Saison € 3,00
Stoutelore Black Saison € 3,50

Alpaide Blond Cuvée van de Generaal € 3,00
Alpaide Donker € 3,00

Orval € 4,00

Oud Beersel
Oude Geuze 37,5 cl € 5
Oude Kriek 37,5 cl € 6,50
Green Walnut 75 cl € 18

Cornet € 2,50

Parcum - abdijbrouwerij van Park Braxatorium Parcensis
Libertus 1 Amber  € 4,00
Libertus 2 Rogge € 4,00
Libertus VI Brown Beer €4.50
Libertus 900 Strong Blond Beer with Grape  €4.50

Rochefort 10 € 3,00

St-Bernardus Abt 12 € 2,50

St-Sixtusabdij Westvleteren
Westvleteren Blond €7.00
Westvleteren 8  €8.00
Westvleteren 12  € 10.00

Oude Geuze 37,50 cl € 7,50
Oude Geuze 75 cl € 15,00
Oude Quetsche 37,50 cl € 9,00

Oude Geuze 37,5 cl € 4,00

Oud Bruin Flanders Sour Ale € 3,00

Van Steenberge
Keizersberg € 3.00
Leuvense Tripel € 3,00

​​​​​​Viswijf € 2,50

Viva Belgian Bier en Wijn Hybrid (Extra Brut) € 25,00 

Westmalle Tripel € 2,50

Wolf 7 € 2,40
Wolf 8 € 2,60
Wolf 9 € 2,80

Averbode € 7,50
Bersalis Tripel € 6
Blanche de Namur € 5
Brasserie d'Achouffe € 7
Brasserie de la Senne € 5
Brasserie Lion € 6,50
Broeder Jacob groot € 6
Broeder Jacob klein € 5
Brussels Beer Project € 7
Chimay € 6,50
Cornet € 8,00
Delvaux € 6
Den Druppel € 6
Den Triest € 5
De Vlier € 3
Duvel € 8,00
Egotripel € 5 
Gildenbier € 5
Heverlee € 6
Hoegaarden € 6
Hof ten Dormaal € 7,00
Jack-Op € 5 
Keizersberg € 5
Kraaike (Craywinckelhof) € 4
Leffe € 8
Leuvense Tripel € 5
Luvanium € 8
Mak € 6
Moriau € 5
Nattelore € 8,00
Orval € 8,00
Oud Beersel € 5 
Stella ribbelke € 5
Stella chalice 25 cl. € 5
Stella Mug 50cl. € 10.00
Timmermans € 4
Tripel Karmeliet € 8,00
Tumulus € 5
Vlierbeek  € 8,00
Westmalle-Oud € 8.00
Westmalle-Nieuw € 6,50
Wolf € 8,00



Sour'ish 2 € 7

Energibajer (alcoholvrije) € 3,50

To Øl
Gose to Hollywood € 5,50
Hygge € 5
Mexican Hot Chocolate Imperial Stout  €9.00


Brasserie Animale Zoobrew
Big Viper Berliner Weisse € 4,50


Spontan Kadarka 2018 € 8
Spontan Syrah 2017   €8
Blaufränkisch Russian Imperial Stout 2018 € 8
Belgian Strong Ale 2018  €8


West Indies Porter € 5,50

Third Barrel
The Darkness 2020 BA Imperial Stout € 8,50

White Hag Brewery
Beann Gulban Irish Heather Sour Ale 2017 € 10,00


White Pony
Let the stars begin to fall Imperial stout ale € 5


De Kromme Haring
Warmouth Bootleg IPA v.2 € 5,00


Black Isle Brewing Company
Systems Theory East Coast BA Stout  € 10,00

Boundary Brewing 
The Room Where it Happened TIPA  € 10,00

Harviestoun Brewery
Ola Dubh 14 years € 10,00

Wild Beer Company
Coolship 2020 € 18,00


Bearded Iris
Chasing Rainbows  € 10,00
Vice Versa € 10,00

Kentucky Breakfast Stout Maple Mackinac Fudge € 6,50
Underground Mountain Brown € 5,50

Do I have to register in advance for a Beer Hop tour?

You do not need to register in advance for our weekly programmed Beer Hop tours. You can show up the day itself, but it is recommended that you register in advance via e-mail due to a limited number of places. Want to be sure of a spot? Send us an email at

If you would like to book a tailor-made Beer Hop activity for your own private group, ideally you make a reservation at least a few weeks in advance, although we can also accommodate last-minute requests if still possible!

Where do Beer Hop tours start?

Our weekly programmed Beer Hop tours start at our office/beer shop at 5 Tiensestraat, in the heart of Leuven (50m from the famous town hall at the Grote Markt).

If you book a private activity for your group, we will equally start from our shop, or at your request arrange for a different meeting point (your hotel, restaurant, train station, etc. etc. - where suits your group best)

What about a Beer Hop tour and bad weather?

Come rain or come shine, we will always run our programmed Beer Hops as planned!

Tailor-made groups: see our general terms and conditions under the FAQ.

I don't like beer; what now?

The answer is simple: you probably do like beer!

You just have not discovered your style yet.

Many people who have tried beer have only tried pilsners or tripels and struggled to enjoy the hop bitterness that define these styles. Belgian beer, however, is a UNESCO world heritage tradition precisely because it is unparalleled in its varieties, flavors and tastes: sweet, sour, bitter, - even - salty etc. ... So join us, give it a chance, and try some special and unique beer styles and expand your horizon!