The beating beer heart of the world

Discover Leuven, beer capital of the world, epicenter of the Belgium’s famous beer culture, and home to some of Europe's most remarkable small and large local and regional breweries. It is our pleasure to help you experience the local beer culture. We specialize in organizing both cultural beer tours in Leuven and more elaborate trips to the craft breweries that are hidden within the villages just outside of town.

Leuven sits at the heart of Belgium's beer culture and possesses a vibrant and convivial café community in which the Flemish art of socializing is as strong as ever. In fact, Leuven has more bars and restaurants per inhabitant than anywhere else in Belgium. Moreover, the city also claims the title for Longest Bar in the Europe in its Old Market and serves as the headquarters for the world’s largest beer company, AB InBev SAB Miller. More than 30 breweries from the surrounding countryside produce hundreds of delicious beers for Leuven's thirty market. Leuven is also a worldly city, as so many nationalities have come together in this city to live, work, study, and relax. While we warmly welcome all of the great cuisines, traditions, and experiences that people bring to this city, we also make sure to give back, as people throughout the world enjoy Stella Artois, Leuven’s famous pilsner and most valuable export.

Welcome to Leuven: a large cozy café; a restaurant with an endless menu; a lively and international student campus; a city; a university; a brewery; all of these together at once!

Beer Hop believes that the smallest breweries are often the most interesting and we focus our events on the small-scale craft breweries that make beer drinking such a unique and personal local experience. Here’s a taste of some of the most interesting breweries we vist!